Hello! My name is Jasmine Ling and I’m an aspiring game artist. I’m seventeen years old and I’ve been drawing for most of my life. I started gaming around 2010-2011, a bit before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out. Video games became an integral part of my life as well as my work. Now they have inspired me to help create some games of my own, and I hope to become a creative and talented digital artist, 3-D modeler and possibly even 3-D animator.

I also go by Jam and Lemon Butter (on Youtube). These are other aliases I use for most of my fan work. I’ve had a bad habit of sticking to copyrighted material and only creating fan art, but I’ve recently begun to branch off and create my own, original artwork. I also began to move away from stylistic,  cartoon-like digital art to explore digital painting and 3-D modeling. I hope to explore new ground to see what other forms of art I can create, and I hope you will enjoy my work as well. Happy browsing! :)